+Scott Watson

Friday, 22 March 2013

Cut Training Costs & Boost Results

With training budgets for management training and team building training being slashed due to the uncertain economic climate, an alternative and worthwhile option is required when it comes to providing worthwhile and meaningful learning for managers.

The Management Training Channel is a completely portable management training and coaching portal that is available 24/7 via any internet-enabled device.  The BIG benefits of this solution are that:-

- Managers can learn 'on the go' rather than having to take a day out of the workplace.  This means that the user can access any number of the current 137 subject-specific audio and video casts within the portal - before that important meeting or challenging performance management chat.

- It costs just pennies per day for a single-user and discounted subscription options are available for corporate clients.  Look at it this way, a 180 day unrestricted access pass for one user is just £199.  Remember, this is just £199 for a full 6 months of expert support!

- Managing remote teams can be quite a different challenge to managing a team based in the same geographical location.  The Management Training Channel provides instant access to expert coaching, because which manager wants to be calling their boss regularly asking for guidance and help?  Not many I expect.

So, that's The Management Training Channel and it's available to you now.  Go take a look!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Employee Engagement - The Facts

Employee Engagement continues to be the buzz phrase in a tough economic climate.  With under pressure bosses needing to navivate choppy waters, face uncertainty on a daily basis and keep their customers and stakeholders happy - or at least not as 'unhappy' as they may be, keeping employees motivated, committed and focused is quite a challenge.

This infographic details some research data together with my recommendations on how you and your organisation, whatever industry, whatever size and whatever culture you operate within, can boost employee engagement.

Yes, I know, it's always easier said than done.  But it CAN BE DONE, and quickly too. Take a look and feel free to share your thoughts with me.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Enabling Learning In Your Colleagues

So so often I observe well-meaning coaches and managers 'showing' a colleague how to successfully undertake a task or procedure. Of course, sharing information, knowledge and skills is a vital contributing factor to every organisation.

BUT, the challenge manifests when the educator, manager, coach or well established colleague simply shows the learner what to do, in what order and at what 'reasonable' speed.  Especially frustrating for the learner, even though s/he is very likely to speak up and mention it, is when the educator appears to become frustrated with the slow pace at which the learner 'appears' to be learning.  The subsequent 'Give it here, I'll do it and then you can do it' comment really doesn't help, motivate or engage the learner who, is for all intents and purposes, proceeding slowly because s/he wants to get it right.   Or at the very least, doesn't want to get it wrong!

Impulse Control Gone Crazy

Busy managers and coaches need to develop an awareness of how to effectively set the scene for learning to take place.  As I mentioned to an audience of teachers recently, 'Just because you are teaching, it does not necessarily mean that your audience members (students) are learning.'  The very mention of this fact stimulated fantastic discussion amongst the teachers who, albeit unwittingly, had been on auto-pilot setting when teaching.

A key challenge for those entrusted with teaching colleagues new skills, processes and procedures is the absence of effective impulse control.  Their desire for immediate gratification 'I want this done now', is exactly the same principle that applies to you, me or anybody else who really wants that biscuit, glass of wine or feels the need to shout and ball at the driver who just pulled out in front of us at the junction. It's poor impulse control at it's very worst!

Here is a 5 minute audio that will help you to coach others to learn more effectively, confidently, and very likely, more quickly too.


http://summitpodcasts.s3.amazonaws.com/Enabling Learning.mp3