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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Beware of Time Bound Offers - You'll Be Disappointed

Driving home today I was listening to a commercial radio station. You know the one's. In between a bundle of adverts you'll occasionally get some music.

The recession has brought significant challenges for commercial radio stations. The main challenge being revenue falling through the floor. Yes, in the good times, they were rolling in cash. The high pressure, target and financial bonus focused advertising sales reps didn't really have to sell - they just took orders!

But the current economic climate brings with it tighter budgets from potential advertisers whose businesses, business to business, business to consumers are struggling and financial targets from radio station bosses who need the advertising revenue to survive. So what happens? The tone and urgency of the adverts change massively.

Whereas during the good times, the carpet store may politely, even seductively invite you to 'visit our showroom where you're guaranteed to find just what you're looking for.' Right now, the same company has forgotten seduction and replaced it with a shreeking, fast-talking loud-mouth lout shouting'GET DOWN TO OUR STORE TODAY...THESE AMAZING DISCOUNTS CAN'T LAST FOREVER...THIS CLEARANCE SALE MUST END SOON.'

Now, do you notice the use of time bound language here? 'Today', 'Can't last forever', 'Must end soon'. They all imply that if YOU don't get your skates on and give them your money, you'll lose out. How cool, if not misleading, is that?

Whether you're shopping or working with colleagues, be very aware of how time bound language can be used against you. Even unwittingly, time bound language can cause problems. For example, when someone says 'I'll get the report to you by the close of play today', when do you expect it? You may finish work at 5pm but they don't finish til 8pm - their personal 'end of the day'.

When someone says 'I'll be with you in five minutes', and it's now 8 minutes (and you're scowling under your breath about their bad manners), notice how some people, perhaps even you, use time bound language without considering the consequences.

Have a think about some other language patterns or words that can ultimately cause frustration and disappointment.

See you soon.....whenever that might be!?

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