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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

How to curse effectively, part 1

Since I just watched a documentary on the curse of Tutankhamun, I thought I’d write a bit about how we often “curse” ourselves and others.

One of the easiest ways is to use a certain, magical word that instantly disempowers people.
Drum roll, please!

That word is "try".

Little smartassy proof: Try to click your left mouse button. No, don't click it - try to click it!

We either do things or we don't. As soon as we say that we will try something, we have this in-built excuse that we didn't really go for it, we just had a try...

Studies have actually shown that if you ask someone to lift as much weight as they can and then ask them to try to lift as much as they can, they tend to be about 25% weaker when somebody used the word "try" on them.

A friend of mine is a Karate Champion and he shared with me that he always talks to his opponents before a bout and tells them to try their best. Quite sneaky, and quite effective!

Force yourself to say "I will do it" and if you hear someone else say that they are going to give something a try, ask them nicely if they are going to do it, or not.

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