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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Region’s Growth Damaged by Obsolete Job Hunting Skills

Recent statistics have indicated that the UK’s recovery from recession is faltering, and that nowhere is this more apparent than in the Yorkshire region.

With quarterly economic growth languishing around the 0.2% level, our area runs the risk of falling behind the rest of the United Kingdom in economic terms, as well as vital job creation.

Against this backdrop, one Yorkshire-based company has launched a resource aimed at both public and private sector organisations which, as victims of economic flatlining, are needing to downsize workforces.

Myonlinejobcoach.com has been developed by two local HR experts with a wealth of experience in retraining individuals faced with the spectre of redundancy. The website features intensive video advice and little known tips and techniques for anyone wishing to secure their next job more quickly. It includes advice on searching for the right vacancy, developing credibility with recruiters, writing a CV that a busy recruiter actually wants to read because it stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons, as well as tips on how to recover from mistakes made during an interview.

Scott Watson, international business consultant and founder of Myonlinejobcoach.com, takes the view that many people re-entering the job market have probably not needed to apply for a new position, or even taken an interview, for over a decade. “Not only does this have adverse implications for the applicant, but it can also cause problems for a potential employer, simply because the best person for the job may not have the most up-to-date interview skills. This means that both parties could be missing out on opportunities, simply because of lack of recent training,” he said.

The services offered by Myonlinejobcoach.com are intended to be bought as a license by organisations needing to downsize. The principle is that, as part of an organisation’s legal and corporate and social responsibility obligations, the training package available will then be offered to individuals being made redundant. The site shares with job hunters insider knowledge and expertise which, until now, has only been available to Human Resources bosses and recruiters, explaining how to identify and attract the highest quality candidates.

According to Watson, recruiters are currently spoiled for choice, so they can more easily offer candidates a lower salary package, which will adversely impact on household spending, and hence the local economy. “Although public and private sector businesses sometimes provide one day outplacement training, participants tend to forget all that they have learned within this sheep dip approach. An ongoing support mechanism is required to maximise retention and application of learning through what is often an emotionally turbulent time. Classroom training on its own is definitely not value for money, for a business, for the employee or for local tax payers,” he explained.

“A positive approach is important, but this needs to be supported by a relevant, employer friendly mind set, together with appropriate self marketing skills. It’s vital to remember that you might be the right person for the job but, if you can't demonstrate this to a potential employer, tough. After all, people need to remember that it's not last century’s job market anymore,” Watson concluded.


Editors notes:

Further details of http://Myonlinejobcoach.com are available by visiting the site. In addition you can visit http://www.SummitTraining.co.uk

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