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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Management Training Course With A Difference

Management Training courses can all too often be too much theory, too many Powerpoint slides and nowhere near enough hands-on, brains-on learning by doing.

We supported DHL Express in Bahrain to develop 25 of their high potential managers, and they absolutely loved being actively involved in team building activities - and personal reflection time throughout their 6 day management training course.

When you are seeking to appoint a management training partner, remember to look beyond the glossy brochure and super-cool web site.  Look for testimonials you can verify and a commitment from your selected partner to transfer knowledge, skills and competence to your in-house team.  That's where you lasting ROI is generated.

SUMMIT Training and http://www.ScottWatson.co.uk/ are the sites you may wish to explore.

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